2019 Roofing Trends – What Does The Year Have In Store For Us?

2019 Roofing Trends – What Does The Year Have In Store For Us?

It is 2019 and we are ready to make the most of and out of this year! When the SA Home Owners magazine approached JNA to hear our take on the 2019 trends, we were left so inspired that a decision was made to share what to expect this year. So, let’s get excited about the 2019 ROOFING TRENDS so that YOU can start planning and WE can start creating!

Trends are constantly changing and evolving in the roofing industry, providing us with numerous exciting and interesting options when it comes to the designing of a roof. At the moment it is all about the creating of space by using open structures, exposed elements and working with a combination of raw elements and steel.

Even though the classical Cape Dutch roofs are still popular in thethatching industry, we are extremely excited about the European trends opening up a whole new world of modern thatch, exploring vertical thatching and strong angular lines.

Thatch is also being used in combination with glass or steel, creating interesting textures and lines. With the Closed Construction technique (borrowed from our colleagues in Northern Europe) major improvements have been made with regards to the possible challenges of fire, draught and dust in thatched roofs.

Ceilings are becoming statements. We can expect to see a lot of Engineered flooring boards as ceiling elements, ceiling boards as insulation on top of exposed structural elements (example: Isoboard), natural materials such as poplar ceilings in white or grey and a lot of exposed structural elements.

Even though the days of a roof merely being a roof is long gone, It is important to keep in mind that the key purpose of the roof remains to protect – be sure that the roof is designed according to the material it is built with. Look at the pitch, proper fixing and waterproofing details. The energy efficiency factors such as the thermal and sound insulation of the roof, should be a key factor as well.

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