When paging through the April issue of the Tuis / Home magazine, your eye will catch an article about a beautiful loft apartment in Rosebank, Cape Town. What used to be an old dusty and dark attic of a 1785 Cape Dutch house, is now a magnificent space and has become one of our favourite attic conversions.

It is more than our involvement in this project that leaves us excited, but also the prime example of the options of a loft space that a thatched roof brings.

The design concept of a thatched roof requires a 45-degree pitch, thus creating extra head space one would not necessarily have with an alternative roof. Quickly, a three-bedroom home becomes a 4 bedroom with very little renovations or effort.

If a separate entrance is created, the loft apartment can very easily function as Airbnb accommodation or an apartment – by monetising this space, you can pay off your loft conversion costs in no time. Installing a roof window or a dormer window or two, will ensure natural light and often provide a view that would otherwise have been undiscovered.

At the end of 2017, Jna Thatchers re-thatched the roof of a heritage building in Hermanus. After improving the design and cleaning up the attic, the owner was astonished with the amount of space… soon, Jna Thatchers and Jna Projects had to join forces to do an attic conversion, which of course grew into a complete renovation!

To get approval from the heritage council is a vigorous process, but due to the fact the there were no major changes to the façade of the house, the client gained a whole apartment with very little hassle: a bedroom, coffee nook, lounge area and bathroom.

The character that a thatched roof brings, provides the ideal platform for creativity to flow freely. Anything from an old country ambience to a modern, elegant space. Whether it becomes a room for your hobbies, a play room, an apartment or even a studio – one thing is for sure: the options with an attic conversion are endless.

If you want to find out more regarding the optimisation of your roof space, do not hesitate to contact us.

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