Whether it is a bachelor’s flat, family home or office space… it is yours and you should not fear to make it your own. This month we sat down with Interior Designer, Nicol Bottello, learning all about challenging yourself to create a space that is authentic and true to you.

Nicol has been working her magic in London, New York, Dubai and of course South Africa, for the past 20 years. Her slogan reads: “Simplify. Create. Live” and is definitely evident in her work. Even though Nicol has done numerous projects in the hospitality industry, her first love will always be corporate and residential projects. For her, it boils down to creating a beautiful space for people to work and live in. This of course, immediately resonated with the JNA brand.


Your home is your sanctuary. Your office, more often than not, is the place where you spend the most time. According to Fresh Home, the interior of a space can have a documented effect on your emotions and perceptions.

Think about a small, dark room and the depressing effect it has on you or how certain colours on walls immediately make you feel restless in a space. Laurel & Wolf Interior Design further stipulates the powerful effect of the design choices you make on the subconscious.

Why then would one not spend time and energy in creating a little corner of bliss in this crazy rat race we call life?

For most of us, renovating or revamping seem like daunting tasks. Where do you even start?

Nicol advises to start off by focusing on the practicality first. What is the space used for and what is it that you would like to gain from this space? Also, do you have pets or children? Durability is key and should be considered in the choices you make. Once you have identified the function and criteria of the area you are looking to change, make use of a consulting session with an interior designer.

Do your homework prior to the meeting in order to get the most from the time spent with a professional. Make sure to choose a designer whose style and conduct resonates with who you are. Ask input regarding colour palette and various textures. Such a session could provide a lot of information to take into consideration. Think about it and decide on your own time how you would like to use the content provided.

Next, you should plot out the space in order to determine what you would need. Measuring is key! Start off by spending money on the fundamentals, like your furniture. Pin-point prior to a purchase what the look is you are striving for; this will determine whether your furniture is neutral or perhaps a vibrant statement piece.

According to Nicol, decorating should be an ongoing process; allow the look to unfold over time. It is all about collecting unique, sentimental pieces and continuously upscaling your home without overcrowding or cluttering the space. DIY or sell old pieces to make room for something fresh.

Even though Pinterest is a great tool, use it wisely and merely as a point of reference. More often than not we copy certain styles, limiting and pressuring ourselves to keep up with every single trend – avoid, avoid avoid! The end result will almost always be a Smartie box look of the past 5 years’ trends.

This space should be lived in. Whether it entails upgrading your veranda and outdoor space or giving your kitchen a fresh coat of paint and a roof window for extra light, make it relevant and make it an extension of who you are.

Feeling inspired? We feel the same! For any interior tips, be sure to contact Nicol Bottello: As for extensions and alterations; JNA will be here!

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