You can be the biggest supporter and lover of thatched roofs (and believe us, we are!), but there are certain challenges that one simply cannot ignore when it comes to working with natural materials such as thatch.

For this reason, JNA THATCHERS always strives to explore possible solutions to these challenges, instead of trying to ignore them – overall, this ensures the ideal thatch construction experience.

This month, JNA THATCHERS decided to chat with two existing clients: both are current thatched roof owners, both decided to trust our Closed Constructed Method* for the rethatching of their homes.

The result? You decide…

Our first client lives in a traditional thatched house on a very busy road in Noordhoek. With the thatch being rather old and due to the location of the property, the Noordhoek family was desperate to find a solution that would still include having a thatched roof, but without the issues regarding the penetration of sound.

When finding out about the JNA THATCHERS Closed Construction method and how it specifically focuses on sound dampening; they hoped that this would be the solution.

“After you rethatched our roof by using the Closed Constructed Method, we could immediately see (or hear) the difference… If the noise level was 10 prior to the rethatch, it is now a 2 on a noisy day! We can highly recommend it!”  Noordhoek Client

Having white bedding, it was noticeable that they now have no more dust or insects falling from the roof, nor cobwebs between the poles. The draught is also something of the past.

“Another thing is, if you are sensitive to dust or allergies, the closed constructed method definitely helps… we now still enjoy the beauty of a thatched roof, but with better insulation and sound dampening… the extra cost is worth it!” Noordhoek Client

JNA THATCHERS is excited to share that we have just started the Closed Construction rethatch on the second dwelling of the Noordhoek family.

We recently completed a Closed Constructed roof for a family on a farm in Stellenbosch. There are numerous thatched dwellings on the farm and the client therefore wanted to stay true to the style and keep the look and feel of thatch.

“We enjoyed the fact that the thatched cooled down the house during the hot Stellenbosch summers, but had challenges with dust, draught and leaking due to the state of the thatch.” Stellenbosch Client

When they heard of the Closed Constructed method, they too hoped, that it would be the answer to their challenges. And their findings?

    “Wonderful! We have very little dust, all our previous problems have been solved and the house is a lot quieter than it used to be. We are very happy!” Stellenbosch Client

    JNA THATCHERS have always believed that the best way to promote what we do, is to let our work speak for itself…or in this case; let our clients’ testimonies speak!

    Contact us today to find out more about the Closed Construction Method…it truly is the future of thatch!

    * This method entails a fire retardant, dust proof board in between the layers of thatch. Owners can thus enjoy all the perks of a thatched roof, but without the challenges of dust penetration, waterproofing or possible sound issues. The board is completely hidden and thus both the inside as well as exterior of the roof looks like a standard, thatched roof. Future maintenance can be done without invading the inside of the building and the fire protection of the roof is increased tremendously.

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