Build or Buy: a quick guide on how to get your home from “For Sale” to “Sold”

Winter is around the corner and although sellers might think that buyers are in hibernation, it is found that they are in fact actively on the lookout during the cold and gloomy months to see the house in its “worst” condition. Homeowners are often hesitant to upgrade when considering to sell their house, but according to Andrea Browne Taylor from Kiplinger, the cost of inaction can be far greater than the small loss you’ll experience with effective home improvements.

Here are some tips on how to increase the value of your house with minimum effort and expenses:

First Impressions

We all know the cliché regarding first impressions… but unfortunately the thing about clichés are that they are usually true. Make sure the front of your house is in good condition. Good quality windows that matches the style of the home’s architectural style is vital. A well-kept garden with exterior lighting is not only a security feature but also grabs attention. - Tertia Steyn, Hermanus Property Sales


Space is becoming a scarce luxury within the South African market and even though we cannot always determine the size of our plot; we can maximize the use of space available within the current structure of our home. No matter how big or small, a lot of the property’s value comes from the breakdown of rooms and the facilities it offers (Property24).
Global Blog provides three tricks to create the illusion of open space without tearing down any walls.

1. Light

Daylight immediately makes a room feel larger. Should the current windows not allow maximum light; increase the size of your current windows or consider adding a roof window.

[JNA Thatchers]

[JNA Thatchers]

2. Mirrors

By adding a mirror to a room; the illusion of space is created.

3. Colors

Something as simple as a fresh coat of paint or incorporating lighter color schemes with scatter pillows and décor; can make a room seem spacious.

[JNA Projects]

A house with a poor flow will cause a possible buyer to incorporate the cost of prospective improvements when negotiating the price. When extensive work is required for the roofing, sewage, flooring, etc. the buyer would probably ask for a lower price because his/her perception of the value of the property decreased.

Let us assist with 2018 trends to improve the value of your property:

Home Improvements like Room Additions add value to your house: transform that loft space into a home office (more and more people are working remotely) or build a scullery or laundry room.

[JNA Roofing]

[JNA Thatchers]

The outdoor living space proves to become increasingly important for the buyers of South Africa. Not only does this add more living space without the cost of a large-scale home addition, but if a patio or entertainment area is created, the buyer will start to envision the lifestyle and fall in love with the memories to be made and not necessarily with the building itself.

[JNA Thatchers]

Limited Utility Bills attract the attention of the prospective buyer. Energy efficiency, Grey Water Systems and back up batteries are all perks the 2018 buyer looks for.

Tech Friendly homes are becoming increasingly popular: built-in charger points have, for instance, proved to be an attraction point.

Finishes like hardwood floors, bay windows, gas stoves, a freestanding tub and breakfast nooks are additions to consider.

Lastly Black is the new Grey for 2018: appliances, plumbing fixtures, lighting or even just painting a shelf or door black. Tastefully adding black to a room; can immediately create a current and relevant look.

[JNA Thatchers]

Feeling inspired and ready to make some changes to you home; do not hesitate to contact JNA PROJECTS for your construction needs, JNA ROOFING for the dream deck and pergola or new roof and JNA THATCHERS to effortlessly create a beautiful loft space or add a roof window or two.

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