Journey's End Vineyards


The treehouse project at this captivating wine farm in the Sir Lowry’s Pass area was born out of the owner’s vision to create a captivating and luxurious accommodation option amidst the natural beauty of the vineyards and surrounding landscape. The concept for the treehouse was brought to life by Pedri Lotz from Lotz-Smith Architecture and Interior Design, while JNA Roofing took on the responsibility of the engineering and execution of the entire project. The treehouse, surrounded by vineyards and magnificent views of False Bay, stands 9 meters above the ground and is designed as a high-end log cabin. This allows guests to indulge in their childhood dreams of staying in a treehouse, while also enjoying the coziness and a luxurious ambience.

To ensure durability and longevity, CCA treated pine poles were used for the structure’s foundation. The cabin itself, as well as the decking, was constructed using imported Jatoba timber, known for its strength and rich colour. This choice of material adds a touch of luxury to the rustic setting. The balustrading, made from bluegum laths, contributes to the overall vision of the treehouse, maintaining a rustic aesthetic that harmonizes with the surround environment.

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