JNA Thatchers and Roofing are proud to have been part of the major renovation of Soetmelksvlei, the latest attraction at Babylonstoren. JNA Roofing was responsible for constructing the beautiful new exposed poplar roof structures while JNA Thatchers took on the thatch covering, combining the heritage and modern look leaving a lasting expression.

 Led by Open City Architects and JDV Construction, this project has transformed Soetmelksvlei (formerly Donkerhoek Farm) into a captivating living museum, showcasing daily life on a 20th-century Cape Dutch farmstead. Guests can immerse themselves in activities like visiting the fully operational wood workshop, blacksmith, and watermill, and experience traditions such as tasting homemade “moer koffie and beskuit”. This project has been a unique and rewarding experience for all involved, preserving history while offering a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of the region.

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