Over the past couple of years, interior trends focused a lot on the optimal use of space. In a previous blog, we explored the converting of attics to beautiful lofts or bedrooms, which is often a possibility with a thatched roof due to the fact that thatch requires a 45-degree pitch, creating extra headspace one would not necessarily have with an alternative roof.

Thatched roof or not; what if you have space, but lack natural light? Or you would like to add a door and window in your roof, but there seems to be no space for both?

JNA Thatchers recently completed a project with our supplier and window expert, Cape Loft Windows and thought it well to share some of our roof window solutions…

Roof Windows in Thatch Roofs

There are a few possible challenges when it comes to the alterations to a thatched roof, specifically.

Usually, there is simply not enough space within the roof structure to install both a door and a window, leaving the client to choose between either an entrance or additional natural light.

New dormer windows take up extra headspace, which can be problematic and should the building be classified as heritage, any changes to the façade is an entire process on its own!

So, what to do?

Should your property be surrounded by a view worth seeing, why not explore the option of a façade element in combination with a thatch roof window, allowing you to maximise the view with natural light streaming in?

This is a magnificent way of bringing the outdoors into your home, without being exposed to the natural elements.

If you do not have space for both a door and window installation, why not simply do a combination? Here are some images of the recent installation, providing the client with the option of either roof windows or a door opening to a balcony.

Minimal structural changes were needed and the style of the Cabrio Door truly compliments both the silhouette of the roof as well as the thatch.

A seamless installation.

All of the above photo examples have the additional options of fully automatic systems, including rain and oxygen sensors and could be installed with a variety of blinds (manually, automated or solar-based).

The solutions therefore definitely outweigh the challenges.

So grab the window of opportunity and contact JNA Group today to bring the light back into your life.

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